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  • Simple and easy to grow thanks to premium products with results in minutes through the Fitline nutrient transport concept
  • Exclusive through the Cell Energy Concept with worldwide unique, patented products
  • Maximal credibility and safety through GMP, ISO 9001, scientific studies
  • Car Program – driving a new car is fast and simple
  • Travel Incentive – holidays of your dreams. PM pays!
  • Unique pension scheme – security for old-age, a good feeling
  • Simple sales, high customer statisfaction and loyal regular customers through fast results and good customers base through Autoships
  • Top reputation through top athletes on the unique sport marketing program
  • Head start on the market as a TOP 100 most innovative company
  • Innovative technologies to build a team simply and support ( incl. apps for iPhone and iPad )
  • Simple expansion through international branches and some local ones ( DSCs ) for support and fast local expansion
  • Absolute financial stability: best financial evaluation of an independent institute
  • And the best of all: You decide when, where and with whom you want to work!

No obligations, No risk

If you want to become a distributor of PM-International, you can register immediately on this site by clicking the link “Register here for FREE”.
By ordering within 30 days, you confirm your application. It is up to you what you order and how much money you spend.

If you do not order anything within 30 days and we do not hear from you by any other means, we will assume you have decided otherwise. Your application will automatically be deleted. For you that is all. You have entered into no obligation towards us. The situation is just as if you had never registered as our Distributor.

If you miss this chance then you are left with one problem: you have lost a realistic opportunity to generate an additional, and if you want, regular, additional income.
Our community of around 150,000 successful distributors worldwide prove that every day.

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