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PM International is a business that operates in over more than 30 countries. Has won multiple awards and is listed in the top 100 most innovative medium-sized German companies in 2011. The products that PM International has to offer are absolutely amazing. A unique in it’s kind, with instant results and pure natural. All over the world people are using the PM’s products from the Fitline and BeautyLine series. This company has developed a unique concept which makes it possible that the products will work in just minutes after usage. PM has more than 45 products which are patented and thus it is not allowed for any other company to copy or reproduce these products. All products contain high quality and pure natural ingredients, that’s the focus op PM.

The goal of the products is to let you feel better, gain more energy, feel younger and even lose weight! Besides all these top reasons why you should use the products of PM International, it has a unique program to create an additional income and many more. It is really easy to start as an independent distributor and it can you start earning money right away. Want to know more about this unique opportunity PM International has to offer? Find out more on the link below the video!

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PM International’s Fitline Series

The Fitline series from PM international consists out of nutritional supplements with high quality standards. These products help people with their daily challenges to live better, be healthy and lose weight. It’s all possible with these truly amazing products. Thanks to it’s unique Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC) it is possible to achieve amazing results within minutes. The NTC is developed by PM International’s own scientists and makes sure the nutrients are transported to where they are needed the most in your body.

Soon you will feel fit again with Fitline. The Fitline series products are giving you more energy, physically and mentally. It’s truly amazing. The products of Fitline are very popular among Top athletes and in many sports. Many top athletes all over the world are using the products of Fitline to gain more energy and strength. That’s why they are able to win such high amount of medals each year.

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PM International has high quality standards on all of it’s products and has many certificates, as well patents, on it’s products. All products are under supervision of highly respected nutrients standards and quality control authorizations. Millions of customers world wide are using the products and therefore there must be a high quality standard to achieve safety and customer satisfaction.


The BeautyLine from PM International contains high quality cosmetics. Like the Fitline series supplements, the BeautyLine series cosmetics are pure natural. The BeautyLine products are developed with the Nutrient Transport Concept(NTC) and are giving you results immediately. You will immediately feel how your skin relaxes and regenerates. PM International has more over 20 years of experience in developing high quality cosmetics.


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