Fitline Gourmet Shake

  • Complete meal replacement
  • Stimulates the body to lose weight
  • Contains crucial nutrients that support your body during the process of weight loss
  • Contains the minimal amount of calories that your body daily requires
  • Ideal for people who want to lose weight or having trouble eating
  • Fitline Gourmet Shake comes in multiple flavours: Bourbon Vanille, Mousse au Chocolat, Strawberry, Banana, Soya Cappuccino, Soya Vanille, Cocos, Apricot-Curd

Additional information


– Has all the crucial and vitalizing nutrients your body needs

– Stimulates the maintenance of muscle cells and a decrease in fat tissue

– Active components stimulate thermogenesis, conversion and utilisation of calories

– Increases the feeling of satiety

– Stimulates improvement of digestion, detoxification of the body and regulates your appetite

– The Soy-flavoured Fitline Gourmet Shake is 100% free of milk-derived protein

– The best results show if you want to lose weight

– Contains 420 gram; lasts 30 days


Take 2 measuring spoons (which come with the Fitline Gourmet Shake) and blend these with 250 ml to 300 ml of the product of your choice (like fruit juice, soy milk or yoghurt).

Tip: Mix the powder extensively and powerfully with the product of your choice to realize an optimal consistency of the product.


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