Fitline Q10 Plus

  • Q10 is an essential coenzyme that contributes to the production of energy for cells
  • Provides your body an extra dose of Q10 combined with vitamine E
  • After reaching the age of 35 years the presence of Q10 in your body will diminish

Additional information


– Ideal for people that stress their bodies too much

– Enhances the cell's energy supply

– Supports the immunesystem

– Essential antioxidant

– Support heart and brain during energy production

– Protects against oxidative stress

– In liquid form and therefore taken up 5 to 10 times faster

– Supplemented with vitamin E

– 30ml; lasts for 30 to 45 days


– High dose of coenzyme Q10
– Vitamin E
– Glycerol
– Soy lecithin
– Vegetable oil (palm and coconut)


To achieve optimal results, take 15 to 20 drops (about 1 ml) in a beverage at choice at daily basis.


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