PM International gives you the opportunity to make a full passive monthly income. Regardless of your education or your level of education, you can be a fully independent distributor and start earning money with PM International’s exclusive program. You are in control, you decide how much time and effort you want to invest into your success. You, as your own boss, completely free and you can make your own booming business. The income you will make depends on your commitment and the amount of time you want to invest.

The exclusive program has many additional benefits for you.  The most convenient way to earn money with this program is to become an independent distributor. That would mean that you distribute the amazing products of PM International’s Fitline (and other) series to your customers. The idea is to do this via direct marketing( there are some other ways to distribute products), this will build a great relationship between you and your customers. The products from PM International are not distributed through normal retailers but are all distributed through independent distributors. This means that:

-> You buy the products from PM International.

-> You sell the products to your own customers with a profit of 20-40% on every single product!

-> You receive the profit marge(20-40%) plus an additional bonus on all the products that you have sold or the products that you have bought for your own usage.

The above states a simple example of the distribution system that PM International offers. Besides the distribution system, there are plenty of other additional benefits that you can profit from when registering as an independent distributor. Don’t worry about learning how to do this. It is simpler than you think! After registering you can rely on the support of the detailed training program and a team of experts.

The most important benefits when registering

  • Registration is FREE. When you signup and you haven’t contacted PM International or didn’t place any other order within 30 days after registering, you will be removed by the system. No Registration FEES, No Obligations.
  • It is totally fine if you only register to benefit from the 20-40% discount on products. Once you register as a Team Partner you will benefit from this discount on the products FOR EVER.*
  • Additionally, you will receive 20-40% profit marge on every product you sell to your customers.
  • There is no number of obligated customers you need to have before you start making money. However there are different profit levels. The more you sell, the more you earn!
  • You will receive an additional bonus over the products you buy and sell.
  • The exclusive program has an income system of 6 levels deep. That’s a 6 parallel income system! Most important of all: This is a fair earnings system across all the levels.
  • You can decide when, where and with whom you want to work!
  • Unique Car Program – When reaching certain levels within the program you’re allowed to drive a new car (expenses on PM).
  • Unique Pension scheme – Allows you to build up your pension through PM.
  • Travel Incentive – When reaching certain levels within the program PM offers exclusive holidays to it’s customers.
  • PM offers unique products – used all over the world – has a total of 45 patented products which no other company is allowed to use!
  • Detailed training program – From day one, so you can start right away.
  • Largest growing market of the 21st century.
  • Exclusive Cell Energy Concept on the products.
  • Top reputation through top athletes.
  • And many more!

* First order must have a value of 100 points (not euro’s/dollars/etc).

No Registration Fees, No Risk, No Obligations

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* is not accountable for any mistakes in this copy. You should always read the official agreement from PM International before signing up as a distributor.