Weight Management

Through the years the quality of our food has declined. Fruits and vegetables are not as nutritive as they used to be. The lack of nutrients that your body requires desperately makes it harder to lose weight and battle overweight.

Each Fitline product contains the nutrients that your body needs to remain in a healthy shape. Intake of these nutrients makes it more capable of losing weight. Obesity is a problem reaching global proportions as over one and a half billion people suffer from overweight today. This is an increase of 23 percent since 1980.

How do Fitline product help you to lose weight?

It is clear now that overweight is associated with a dietary deficiency in vitamins and minerals. The culprit in all this is the poor quality of our food.

The low quantities of nutrients found in the products that supermarkets offer leave our bodies lacking nutrients. The body remains hungry until it has received an adequate supply of nutrients. This is where the Fitline Gourmet Shakes come in. They are a perfect meal replacement, supplying all the essential nutrients that we need while minimizing the intake of excess calories. Fitline Gourmet shake come in a variety of flavors.

As extra supplement to Fitline Gourmet Shakes, you can also use Fitline Basics. Fitline Basics is the basis for a healthy body and also supports the process of weight loss. This product is a natural concentrate of several kinds of herbs, fruits and vegetables and contains many vitamins and trace elements.

Fitline Activize Oxyplus increases your body’s physical capacity to maximize performance. Aside from that, it also improves the breakdown of carbohydrates and fat. Fitline Restorate facilitates weight loss by breakdown of fat.
You can stimulate the process of weight loss with Fitline HerbaSlim Tea. This tasty tea helps you get rid of the toxins in your body.